Dental Wikipedia Annual Conference 2019
Wikipedia editors from Dundee Dental School and 5 other dental schools will be sharing their Wikipedia experience.
Café Science Dundee - Dr Ehsan Jorat: 'Can Earth Stop Climate Change?'
Dr Ehsan Jorat from Abertay University will talk about how research on soil science, engineering, ecology and sustainability could help save our planet.
Writings from Scotland before the Union (Conference)
A one-day conference hosted by the Centre for Scottish Culture, examining the literary culture of Scotland prior to the Act of Union of 1707.
Dundee Arts Café - Prof Cameron Ross: 'Russian Politics under Putin'
A discussion of the sources of support and opposition to Putin’s regime and the possible dangers ahead during his fourth term in office.
Humanities Postgraduate Conference 2019: Arts and Humanities in the Community: Past, Present and Future
The annual showcase of cutting edge research by Humanities postgraduate students.
World Community Development Conference 2019 - 'People, Place and Power'
An opportunity for practitioners, academics, policy makers, funders and others to explore the current context and challenges for community work.