Scottish Student Forensic Research Symposium 2019
A student-led research symposium designed to showcase the current research in forensic disciplines being undertaken across Scotland.
NEoN Digital Arts Festival Symposium 2019: Re@ct Social Change Art Technology
  • Start: 6 Nov 10:00AM      End: 8 Nov 4:00PM      Add to Calendar
  • Location: Dundee, Various
Exploring how artists use digital systems to effect social and political change.
AHRA Conference - Architecture & Collective Life
The 16th Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association.
TESTA in Scotland: Impact and Enhancement
This Symposium will share best practice and innovation in TESTA in Scotland, and discuss the future development of the methodology.
Annual Research and Scholarship Conference
Conceptualizing the Individual in Social Change: Education and Social Work in an Era of Youth Action - Call for Papers