Integrative placemaking - addressing the 'silos'
  • Start: 28 Feb 8:30AM      End: 28 Feb 6:15PM      Add to Calendar
  • Location: Dalhousie Building LT3
  • Cost: Early Bird to 14 Feb £50
  • Organiser: Donna Hendry

The University of Dundee and The Academy of Urbanism and in association with Urban Design Group and RTPI Scotland, are delighted to bring this collaborative learning event to Dundee.

The places we live and work in are formed by an amalgam of policies, designs and decisions over time. Yet so many of the statutory, policy and behavioural systems pull in competing directions. ‘Working in silos’ has become one of the explanations for failed places at different scales. These can be competing or conflicting professional disciplines or authorities, client departments or organisations. Lack of collaboration or information sharing, lack of a shared vision or sense of purpose, or basic professional jealously can lead to dysfunctional, if not disastrous, outcomes for places and communities.

This event is devised for a broad audience of built environment decision-makers, including professional planners, architects and urban designers, landscape architects, highway and traffic engineers, regeneration, health, housing, town centre managers, consultants, retailers, public art and cultural practitioners. It will provide a leading forum for those concerned with the creation and development of a healthier planet, lively cities and towns, and happy citizens.

It will consider contemporary thinking and and innovative approaches to the design, operation and management of cities and towns. From experience, we anticipate the delegate participation to be drawn from across the UK and EU.

This is a full day event registration from 0840 (0920 - 1700). Lecture Theatre 3, Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee 

Full programme

Early bird option £50.00 until 14th February and thereafter £75.00 This event is sponsored by Sustrans Scotland and the Scottish Government and organised by Architecture and Urban Planning within the School of Social Sciences, University of Dundee and the Academy of Urbanism.

Tickets: Early Bird to 14 Feb £50         Book a Place