DIIF: From Bench to Bedside

From bench to bedside; a products journey from university project through industry, to the patient.

As part of the Dundee Interdisciplinary Innovation Forum events and School of Medicine seminar series, Imran Farid (Executive Account Director of GE Healthcare), Perry Frederick (Senior Research Director for Europe at GE Healthcare) and Nigel McLean (Technology Transfer Manager at University of Dundee Research & Innovation Services) will be giving an insight into what it takes to bring an idea from a university or hospital to market for use in patient care

Nigel, Perry and Imran will take you along the journey that an idea for a new IVD, medical device, pharmaceutical travels to become a product ready for use to diagnose and treat patients; evaluation, strategic fit, funding, technical/clinical/market/regulatory development. Discussions will start at evaluating and protecting the idea within the university/NHS, through to what industry look for in a future product, and how industry develop this to a healthcare/patient ready product.

This event is part of a wider domain of health innovation strategic partnering developments between the University of Dundee, NHS Tayside and GE Healthcare led by the Academic Health Science Partnership in Tayside.

Register via Eventbrite: https://from-bench-to-bedside.eventbrite.co.uk

1 to 1 meetings with Imran/Perry will also be available before and after the presentation, please email ris-events@dundee.ac.uk to book a slot.

Why attend: learn how to attract the attention of, and win collaboration/funding from medtech, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies

Who should attend: all those involved with/interested in, securing funding for development of projects.

Tickets: Free Book a Place