The Changing Legal Market – Darlingtons Solicitors

The seminar is being given by Craig Sharpe who has 25 years experience, partly as a solicitor and now a specialist marketing consultant and Alex Dawson, who is about to complete his 2 year training contract.

Both Craig and Alex work at Darlingtons Solicitors, an interesting and innovative law firm based in London. Understanding the legal market, changes in it and trends going forward gives students a head start into what law firms are now looking for when recruiting. The talk will include and focus on: The major shifts in legal practice and clients that all law firms are having to adapt to; Why adaptability has become key; How clients are forcing change on law firms; Why commercial awareness is a mentality not a set of activities; What does internal commercial awareness mean?; Insights from Alex about his time as trainee; Examples of how law firms are embracing change.

Target Audience: UoD law students and graduates.

N.B. There will no admittance to this session after 17:10. The Careers Service facilitates presentations from a range of employers, study providers and voluntary organisations in order to inform students about the opportunities available to them. The views and opinions expressed in these presentations are those of the organisation(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the Careers Service.

Tickets: Free Book a Place