TESTA in Scotland: Impact and Enhancement

TESTA (Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment) aims to improve the quality of student learning through addressing programme-level assessment and feedback. Originally led by the University of Winchester, TESTA has been used extensively in the UK and internationally, with academics, students and managers, to enhance the student experience.
This free symposium, organised jointly by colleagues at the University of Dundee and the University of Stirling, hopes to bring together staff working with TESTA in a Scottish context. The aim is to share best practice and innovations made to TESTA in Scotland, the impact this has had on the student experience, staff perceptions of assessment and feedback, and how the TESTA methodology might be developed going forward.

Proposals for workshops, discussion papers and lightning talks are invited on the following themes:

•    TESTA applied to the Scottish context
•    The impact of TESTA on the student experience
•    The impact of TESTA for academic and managerial staff
•    Enhancing the TESTA methodology

Session formats

Workshops: 45 minutes, which show how TESTA is used in your institution, through demonstration of sessions with academic staff or practical applications of the TESTA methodology.
Discussion Papers: 30 minutes, including a maximum of 20 minutes presentation with a minimum of 10 minutes for discussion/questions. The emphasis should be on sharing practice for and with others, and demonstrating the impact of your work.
Lightning Talks: 5 minutes, on tangible and demonstrable changes made to assessment and feedback practices in light of TESTA.

Criteria for acceptance

Each proposal will be reviewed for acceptance against the following criteria:
•    Contribution to the topic and themes
•    Clarity and coherence of the proposal
•    Appropriateness of session structure and specified timings in relation to session format
•    Active and productive engagement of participants
In addition, we will seek to include voices from as many different Scottish institutions as possible.

Submission of Proposals

For more information contact Dr Tom Cunningham, Academic Development Partner, University of Stirling
Email your proposal to: testa@dundee.ac.uk
Please include proposal title, type of proposal and abstract of no more than 250 words.

Deadline for Submissions: 25 October 2019. Applicants will be notified of decision by 1 November 2019.


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