Elements of a 'European', 'International', 'Global' Climate Consensus after Paris?

A conference and masterclass examining the current legal framework of action against climate change following the adoption of the Paris Agreement.

This two-day conference will bring together experts in law, climate change and geoscience research with PhD, LLM and MSc Sustainability students to explore the interlinkage of legal research and scientific research as a basis for climate action and climate education.

The conference offers free places for PhD students in the School of Social Sciences, incoming and existing students on the LLM Programme and students studying MSc Sustainability. Students will experience an intense two days of learning on the topic of climate change which they will be able to further explore in their subsequent studies at the University. Students will be given the opportunity to participate during the question times.

This conference is supported by The Society of Legal Scholars

Students may register for the conference free via a separate Eventbrite page for students.

Tickets: variable