PhD Master Class - Visiting Global Scholar, Dr Luyao Che

As part of the  Institute for Social Sciences Research Global Scholar Programme, Dr Luyao Che will deliver a PhD master class: 'The Emerging Market-State Relationship in China and its Implication for the World Trading System'.

The master class will focus on a highly controversial topic - the relationship between China’s unique market-state structure and the world trading system. The class aims to include an exploration of the instruments employed by contemporary China and the legal implications for the existing international economic order. Some of the most disputed concepts and issues, such as China’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs), “significant market distortion”, and “trade-distorting subsidies”, will be discussed. One concept that will be highlighted is nullification and cancellation of a dichotomy between the state and the market.

The master class offers an opportunity to reflect on the ongoing changes of the world trading system and China’s involvement.

Lunch will be provided in Room 2F14 at 12.30-1.15pm. Class will be in Room 2F15 at 1.30-3.30pm.

This event is free for all research students and staff. Numbers are limited so please register via Eventbrite as soon as possible.

Another visiting Global Scholar, Professor Stephen Stec, will deliver a further PhD master class on  'European Environmental Governance Assessment' on 13 Jun.

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