Discovery Days 2019

Join us at the University of Dundee to listen to our newest professors and award-winning teachers & students, as they share with us the ideas that inspire them. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Discovery Days 2019 will also include a public session of the University's Court, where you will have the unique opportunity to hear from, and pose questions to, the Chair of Court, the Principal, and the Student Union president.


Thursday 10 January 11.00-12.30
Professor Lynn Kilbride, Dean of Nursing & Health Sciences, Enabling Others – Easier or Harder Than You Think?
Professor Jacob George, Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapeutics, The Vascular Impact of E-cigarettes
Ms Brenda Keatch, School of Education and Social Work, The Vulnerability of Learning
Professor Nick Hopkins, Chair of Psychology, Being Together: The Social Psychology of Pilgrimage

Thursday 10 January 13.30-15.00
Professor Victoria Cowling, Chair of Biology, How Do Cells Decide What Protein To Make?
Professor Qi Zhao, Chair of Materials Science and Engineering, Reducing Infections from Medical Implants
Professor Cameron Ross, Chair of Politics and International Relations, The Middle Class in Russia: Agent of Social Change?

Thursday 10 January 15.15-16.45
Professor Samia Khan, Chair of Education, Learning Science in New Frontiers
Professor Alessio Ciulli, Chair of Chemical and Structural Biology, License to Kill: Destroying Proteins with Small Molecules
Professor David Keeble, Chair of Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Identifying Atomic-Scale Imperfections in Materials

Friday 11 January 9.30-10.45
Professor Nicholas Fyfe, Dean of Social Sciences, The Value of Social Sciences
Dr Aliki Varvogli and Dr Anja Johansen, School of Humanities, ‘Fact or Fiction?’ Collaborative Approaches to Assessment and Feedback
Professor Kevin Read, Chair of Quantitative Pharmacology, Discovering New Drugs to Treat Tropical Diseases

Friday 11 January 11.15-12.45
Professor Maggie Bartlett, Chair of Education in General Practice, Doctors for the Future
Mr Jason Nelson, School of Art & Design, The Significance of the Moment
Global Health Challenge 2017 Team, University of Dundee Against Poverty
Professor Raphael Heffron, Chair of Global Energy Law and Sustainability, Your Fair Energy Future

Friday 11 January 13.30-14.45
Professor Lesley Colvin, Chair of Pain Medicine, Pain in the 21st Century
Professor Simon Arthur, Chair of Immune Signalling, Targeting the Innate Immune System
Professor Volker Roeben, Chair of Energy Law and Global Regulation, Climate Change and Energy Regulation

Friday 11 January 15.15-16.30
Professor James Chalmers, Chair of Respiratory Research, Healthy Lungs for Life
Presentation of the Stephen Fry Awards for Excellence in Public Engagement with Research


Refreshments and lunch will be available. The event will close with a free drinks reception.

Tickets are free, booking is advised

This venue is fully accessible, and T-induction loop is available in the lecture theatre.

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