Bangs, Taps, Rattles, Echoes, Whispers

To coincide with Great Noises That Fill The Air, the first retrospective by influential artist collective Bow Gamelan Ensemble, Cooper Gallery presents an evening of artists' moving image: bangs, taps, rattles, echoes, whispers.

This screening brings together moving image works that reverberate with the experimental sound practice of Bow Gamelan Ensemble and their ethos of improvisation and collaboration, presenting various modes of improvisation with sound and space. Sea Shanties (2010) by Helen Petts and Beating the Bridges (1998) by William Raban celebrate the legacy of Bow Gamelan Ensemble member Paul Burwell and selected parts of David Cunningham’s Five Closedowns for Television, (1984) originally made for Channel 4, focuses into the improvisation of sound and light.

Tickets: Free Book a Place