Biochemical Society/CECHR Lecture

We are delighted to be hosting a Biochemical Society/CECHR lecture with Dr Craig Simpson from the James Hutton Institute. This will be followed by a reception.

Abstract: The world population is around 7.6 billion and increasing by around 80 million per year. Agriculture needs to produce around 1.5 trillion calories per day just to maintain world human energy and nutrition needs. Many chemical sprays are slowly being phased out as their effects on environment and health are being identified. Conventional breeding methods outside of Europe are being supported by genetic modification techniques that also have their own issues. New gene editing and knock down methods have recently been developed that are impacting both medicine and crop improvement. These remarkable methods rely on the ability to precisely target genes and make very small changes to the underlying genetic code. This presentation will discuss how different these new methods are and discuss the benefits and risks.

Bio: Craig Simpson has worked as a plant molecular biologist for over 30 years. He started at the Plant Breeding Institute in Cambridge working on the mildew disease of barley. He came to Dundee University to work in the area of plant gene expression where he completed his PhD. He continues to work in this area at the James Hutton Institute (formerly the Scottish Crop Research Institute), working with methods to study expression of genes in crop species under different environmental stresses.

Tickets: Free Book a Place