Social Pedagogy: the next steps

Social pedagogy is the discipline within which direct ‘people work’ is undertaken across Europe. It can be described as ‘education in its broadest sense’ bringing a socio-educational perspective to achieving individual and social change. The attractions of social pedagogy as a way of thinking and working are increasingly recognised across the UK. In Scotland, they have a particular resonance with Kilbrandon’s proposals for social education departments. This free event will offer a brief introduction to social pedagogy from Scottish and European academics and from practitioners influenced by social pedagogical perspectives. Which will include a keynote speech from Bill Whyte (Emeritus Professor of Criminal and Youth Justice Social Work, University of Edinburgh). It will offer the chance to consider the potential of socio-pedagogical ways of working and will introduce participants to existing networks and resources. Please note that admission is free but contact first to reserve your place.

Tickets: Free