The role of trials in robust evaluations of school

Joint Schools Research Methods Seminar Hosted by the Dundee Centre for Health And Related Research (D-CHARR) and the Research Centre for Transformative Change: Educational & Life Transitions (TCELT)

Presenter: Jan R. Böhnke, Dundee Centre for Health and Related Research (D-CHARR) and School of Nursing and Health Sciences

The drive for evidence-based interventions and consequently evidence-based practice has long started to influence research and practice beyond health care. One key research methodology in this space are randomised controlled trials (RCTs).

Based on material relating to some current research projects in the area of “in-classroom” interventions the talk will discuss key ideas in the development of practice-relevant trials and share experience and lessons learned, both technical and practical.

The talk will provide a more general perspective on the role of randomised trials in the evaluation of interventions, which will draw on examples from the presenter's own research in medicine, psychological therapies and development cooperation/ international humanitarian aid projects.

Jan is a Senior Research Fellow in Evaluation Design and Research Methods at the School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SNHS) and the Dundee Centre for Health and Related Research (D-CHARR). He is a general methodologist and his research focuses on the development of research designs for the evaluation of complex interventions with randomised and non-randomised studies. Jan's own research focuses on the epidemiology of mental health and the connections between mental and physical health and the evaluation of school-based interventions has become a central part of his current research portfolio. Before joining the University of Dundee, Jan studied psychology and political sciences (University of Konstanz, Germany) and received his PhD for methodological work on flexible screening and assessment routines in psychotherapeutic services (University of Trier, Germany). Jan has worked on large-scale evaluation projects across mental health, development policy, and education as well as a trial statistician in industry. In the past, Jan held positions at the Universities of Trier (Germany) and York (UK) as well as fellowships from the Free University of Berlin (2007); the ERASMUS foundation (2010, 2011); and in 2014 he was interim-professor of Psychological Diagnostics & Assessment at the University of Kassel (Germany)

Tickets: Free