The Digital Classroom Roadshow | Short Awareness

The Digital Classroom is a fully wireless active learning space. It combines many areas of expertise to create an engaging learning and teaching space that drives full-participation amongst students co-collaborating in small teams supported by their tutor’s expertise and guidance.

What to expect from this session

Be sure to bring your digital devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) and get a hands-on experience of how students can use this digital environment to view multiple sources of visual information as they co-create and produce their own learning.

We will also demonstrate how straightforward it is for the tutor to control the flow of visual information around the room; from tutors to student teams, from student teams to the whole class.

Who should attend?

Open to University of Dundee staff.

Suitable for anyone with an interest to learn more about the technical capabilities and student engagement affordances of this particular active learning space. A series of external workshops are also being hosted at this location on the 22-23 Jun 2017. If you would like to attend any of these, please book a place via the official website page.

Tickets: Free Book a Place