Knit and Natter
Weekly Knit and Natter session - all welcome
"From Boy to Man: David and Goliath in Medieval Cultures" guest lecture by Prof Ruth Mazo Karras
A lecture on the representation of David and Goliath in Judeo-Christian cultures in the Middle Ages
The influence of masculine gender role on the suicidal ideation and action of people admitted to hospital following deliberate self-injury
  • Start: 31 May 3:00PM      End: 31 May 5:00PM      Add to Calendar
  • Location: Scrymgeour Building 1.57
Charlotte Starkey, PhD student in Psychology, will deliver a seminar hosted by the Tayside Suicide Research Network
Trajectories Exhibition at LifeSpace Gallery
An exhibition of contemporary art and scientific methods for exploring how perceptions of space influence and direct gestures, balance and movement.
Marie Curie Daredevil Abseil Challenge 2018
Marie Curie Abseil from the Tower Building
Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Masterclass
A masterclass on business careers with a focus on effective leadership within an organisation.
Philosophy Seminar
A Philosophy Seminar featuring Andrea Rehberg (Newcastle University)
All That Remains: A Life in Death
  • Start: 8 Jun 6:00PM      End: 8 Jun 7:00PM      Add to Calendar
Professor Dame Sue Black launches her new book 'All That Remains' and talks about her career.