Lorraine Syme-Smith

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Lorraine Syme-Smith's career in education started in 1993, having previously been a systems programmer with a well known financial organisation. Her first education job was in the voluntary sector with a project supporting women to gain ICT and employability skills. She then moved to the college sector working at Edinburgh's Telford College, at first as a senior lecturer and latterly as
curriculum manager for Computing. She has also worked for the Open University as a programme tutor.

She joined the University in 2003 on secondment as a teaching fellow on the TQFE and combined this with also being on secondment at COLEG (College Open Learning Exchange Group). Since 2005 Lorraine has been a member of University staff.

Outside of work she enjoys textile crafts and running.


  • BA Economics, Heriot Watt University
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Analysis and Design, Napier College,Edinburgh
  • B.Sc (Hons) 1st Class. (Computing), Open University
  • MA in Education, Open University
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Professional Studies, University ofEdinburgh
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Education with TQFE, University ofStirling


Research Interests

Lorraine's research interests are in the use of learning technologies to provide effective and flexible learning, and also in learner motivation and self-efficacy.


Like all TQFE team members, Lorraine works across all aspects of the programme including tutoring students, marking assessment work, delivering workshops and liaising with partner colleges. She is the Programme Convenor for TQFE Teaching Observations.

She particularly likes the way that the TQFE programme assists participants in the confirmation of their own abilities and the associated effect this has on their self-confidence. She enjoys encouraging participants to see how they can improve their own practice by thoughtful consideration of the wealth of research and literature in education.

As well as working on the TQFE Lorraine also tutors on the BA in Professional Development which is the progression route for Undergraduate TQFE participants who wish to continue their studies and complete a degree. She is a member of the School Academic Quality Assurance Committee and was on the University Senate Library and Information Services Committee.


  • JISC RSC Scotland iTech Case Study 2013: Highly Commended (for Connecting with TQFE Distance Learners through Online Tutorials at University of Dundee - see our news story JISC iTech Award
    Success for TQFE)
  • College of Arts and Social Sciences Award for Innovative Teaching, 2011 (for
    TQFE-Tutor: an integrated tutoring communications system for the TQFE programme)
  • University of Dundee Honorary Graduates' Award for Innovation in Teaching,
    2011 (also for TQFE-Tutor)



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