Regan Shaw

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Regan Shaw is a lecturer in Community Learning and Development. She has moved to the University of Dundee after twelve years in practice in the community. As well as generic community education work, Regan has worked on projects such as The Adult Guidance project, ‘Alternatives to Exclusion’ and a social inclusion project working to improve the experiences of young people leaving care. She has also led teams of community workers in Adult Learning and generic community education work. Regan’s passions lie with the community and the power of change and personal growth.

Regan’s research interests have grown from her belief that critical reflection is a central force in professional practice and that learning must be a positive, transformative process and she is completing her professional doctorate in this area. Regan teaches across the professional Community Learning and Development programme.

 Degrees and Qualifications

 · MA (Hons) Psychology

· PG Diploma Community Education

· MSc Applied Professional Studies in Community Learning and Development

· Professional Doctorate (ongoing) (Dundee)


Research Interests

My area of expertise has developed from my experience of providing supportive and effective communications with Communities. I am interested in research that links both my areas of specialism: Psychology and Community Learning and Development and am particularly interested in: Transformative Learning; Critically Reflective Practice; Professional Development; Dialogue; Critical Pedagogy; Reflexive Practice and  Lifelong Learning.


Research Groups and Collaborations

Regan has recently taken part in the ESRC funded series of seminars, ‘Critical Reflection in the Professions’ which will develop international research networks.

Regan is a member of the National Training and Development Network for Community Learning and Development run by Education Scotland which is about developing CPD opportunities for the field.

Regan has recently become a member of proPEL: Professional Practice, Education and Learning. This is an international, collaborative and inter-disciplinary network for research and knowledge exchange in issues of professional education, practice and learning.


Research Funding

 · Scottish Funding Council

· Insights Institute




 Professional programme in Community Learning and Development.



 · ESWCE School Disability Support Officer

· CLD Admissions Tutor

· BA1 Coordinator

· Module Leader


Journal Papers

Shaw, R, 2013 Shaw, R (2013). A model of the transformative journey into
reflexivity: an exploration into students’ experiences of critical reflection,
14 (3), 319-335. Reflective Practice -
Shaw, R., 2012 Shaw, R. (2012) A Model of the Transformative Journey into
Reflexivity: an exploration into student's experiences of being Critically
Reflective practitioners. (Under review, Reflective Practice Journal)

Conference Presentations

Shaw, R., 2011 Shaw, R. (2011) A model of the transformative journey into
reflexivity: an exploration into student experiences of being a critically
reflective practitioner. Scottish Educational Research Council (SERA), November
2011, Stirling, Scotland.

Professional Publications

Shaw, R., 2007 Shaw, R. (2007) Raising the Standards in Scotland: A Report
on Perspectives of Practitioners, Trainers and Students on qualifying training
in Community Learning and Development. Commissioned by Communities


Barber, C., Evans, R., Glen, P. & Shaw, R., 2012 Barber, C., Evans, R., Glen, P. & Shaw, R. (2012)
University of Dundee, BA (Hons) Community Learning and Development Promotional
DVD. Produced with programme students and the Community Learning and Development
field of practice.