Gary Roberts

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Gary Roberts is currently the BACLD Programme Director and has an integral role in making sure the programme runs smoothly and in accordance with the university's quality assurance. He also leads and teaches on several of the programmes modules. Gary's past employment and training has led him to become involved in community Learning and Development in particular adult learning and family learning. He is also a member of the CLD Standards Council Approval Committee.

Degrees & Qualifications

  • MA (Honours), class 2:2, in Social Policy, University of Edinburgh (1989-1993)
  • PG Diploma in Community Education, University of Edinburgh (1993-1994)
  • Master of Education in Literacy, University of Sheffield (2001-2005)
  • PGDip THE - ongoing (LTA Module successfully completed) (2006)
  • PGDip THE (graduated) (2010)
  • PhD enrolled (Family Learning) (2010)


Research Interests

As a result of fifteen years of field practice in the Early Years policy in Scotland (Edinburgh and Aberdeen) Gary has written and delivered several workshops and written several articles about Family Learning and Family Literacy, more specifically about the nursery transition to primary school children and the role fathers have in the transition. He has developed recently, jointly with Aberdeen University and Aberdeen City Council, a Family Learning module that focuses on all aspects of this area of with particularly the collaborative nature of the work. He has also been involved in writing about the design, delivery and evaluation of adult learning programme, specifically in relation to adult literacies for both adults and the tutors.

Research Funding

Gary is currently involved in a medium sized Big Lottery (£50,000 approximately) bid to provide an ESOL Family Learning Summer programme. His role is to provide training for the staff and design activities. He will also be involved in the research element of the bid.



  • BACLD Programme Director (FT & WB)
  • Module Leadership:
    • Introduction to Social Research in CLD
    • Reading and Understanding Research
    • Internship/Practice Dissertation


  • Research Committee Member
  • Learning, Teaching and Recruitment Committee Member



Jindal-Snape, D., Roberts, G., & Venditozzi, D., 2012 Jindal-Snape, D., Roberts, G., & Venditozzi, D. (2012). Parental involvement, participation and home-school partnership: Using the Scottish lens to explore parental participation in the context of trandsitions. In M. Soininen & T. Merisuo-Storm (Eds.) Home-School Partnership in a Multicultural Society. Publications of Turku University Faculty of Education B80, 73-101.
Journal Papers
Roberts, G., Swinney, A. & Marjoribanks, K., 2010 Roberts, G., Swinney, A. & Marjoribanks, K. (2010) Developing the Agora in the 21st Century - An Analysis of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as a Platform for Engaging with Adult Literacies Practitoners in Scotland. Science Direct, 2(2), 1096-1101.

Conference Presentations

Barber, C., Roberts, G. & Barber, T., 2012 Barber, C., Roberts, G. & Barber, T. (2012) Communities of Practice: Critical Pedagogy and Equity. SWAN (National Social Work Action Network) Conference: 'Cuts, crisis, and resistance: building alliances in social work', 30-31 March 2012, Liverpool Hope University, England.
Jindal-Snape, D., Roberts, G., & Hannah, E., 2011 Jindal-Snape, D., Roberts, G., & Hannah, E. (2011). Home-School Partnership in the context of educational transitions. Paper presented at the Scottish Educational Research Association Conference, 24-25 November 2011, Stirling, Scotland.

Professional Publications

McArdle, K. & Roberts, G., 2007 McArdle, K. & Roberts, G. (2007). A Research Report on the Role of the Scottish Network for Parental Involvement in Children's Learning: A Professional View. ISBN: 1 872054 81 1