Gaye Manwaring

+44 (0)1382 381490
Senior Lecturer


Dr Gaye Manwaring's main role is teaching on the course for new lecturers across the university including the design of new modules. She also has three doctoral students.

Gaye developed the Flexible Learning Interactive site on the VLE for all staff and is involved in the University's SHEEN project and the development of the Professionalism & Employability Toolkit and associated VLE.

Degrees & Qualifications

  • BSc (Honours), class 2:1 in Zoology, University of Exeter (1963-66)
  • PG Diploma, Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh (1966-67)
  • PhD, Biochemical Genetics, University of Edinburgh (1967-73)
  • Teaching Qualification, Dundee College of Education (1975-76)
  • MBE (1986)
  • Institute for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Member (now Higher Education Academy) (2000)
  • Final GTC(S) registration for Further Education (General Studies) (2001)
  • Coaching Skills Certificate, Napier University (2011)
  • Advanced Facilitation & Presentation Skills, Befriending Network (2012)


Research Interests

  • Evaluation
  • Assessment
  • Distance learning
  • Mentoring



  • PG Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (module leaderships)
  • Professional Doctorate


  • Chair of several examination boards
  • School Academic Quality Assurance Committee
  • School Terminations Committee


Distance Learning Packages

Manwaring, G., Jindal-Snape, D., & McGowan, I., , 2003 Manwaring, G., Jindal-Snape, D., & McGowan, I., (2003). Professional development and inquiry (B.A. in Professional Development). Dundee: University of Dundee.
Manwaring, G. , 2003 Manwaring, G. (2003 edition). Utilising the Potential of Communications and Information Technology (MSc Advanced Professional Studies.) Dundee: University of Dundee

Professional Publications

Ball, W. I. & Manwaring, G., 2011 Ball, W. I. & Manwaring, G. (2011). Aspect O: Placement Learning; Aspect P: Work-based Learning in A toolkit for enhancing personal development planning strategy, policy and practice in higher education institutions (Second edition) Glasgow: The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
Ball, W. I. & Manwaring, G., 2010 Ball, W. I. & Manwaring, G. (2010). Making it Work: A Guidebook on Work-based Learning. Glasgow: The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education