This national and international group explores, develops and debates research focused on studies an ableism, including research methodologies and practice applications.


Dr Fiona Kumari Campbell

Dr Nina Mackert

Nicole Brown

Dr Genée Marks

Prof Bee Sherer

Dr Jane Wallman-Girdlestone


Special Issue ‘Ability’, History Review, journal Nina Mackert (coeditor), Fiona Kumari Campbell (contributors).

Symposium, ‘On Abedness: Using Studies in Ableism to explore cultures of Abledment’, Lancaster University, Disability Studies Conference September 2018, Dr Fiona Kumari Campbell; Dr. Nina Mackert; Nicole Brown.

16th February 2018, Ableism in the curriculum: a roundtable discussion, University of WestminsterNicole Brown, Dr Fiona Kumari Campbell;

21st February 2018, Liberating the curriculum: a panel discussion, University College London Nicole Brown;

23rd March 2018, Ableism in academia: conference and manifesto-writing workshop, University College London Nicole Brown, Dr Fiona Kumari Campbell;