Majority world countries tend to be outside of the Christian tradition. This project embraces research related to education, social policy and health and its relationship to traditions of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism and the ways in which ethical systems, religious tenets shape understandings of wellbeing.

The project also interrogates challenges around academic dependency for researchers in South Asia in order to promote South Asian originated research in the sociology, politics, social work, social services, religious studies and cultural heritage.


Dr Fiona Kumari Campbell

Dr Nireka De Silva

Dr Tanya Halldórsdóttir

David Law

Dr Santosh Kumar

Dr Genée Marks

Prof Bee Scherer

Dr Abdullah Yusuf

Dr Fernando Fernandes


Proposed Module for Masters Framework: Health & Religious Traditions.

Rupturing the Canon Reading Group.

27 January 2018, Sensing Disability in Buddhism: Reading Sri Lankan Buddhism Against the Grain– Focusing on Humanity (人間), Buddhist living in/and/for Contemporary Society, Intersectional Centre for Inclusion and Social Justice, Canterbury Christ Church University.