Research Theme Lead - Samia Khan

Children in a science class in schoolPedagogy is one of the major cross-cutting themes in the School of Education and Social Work. This theme supports our collective exploration of the nature of teaching. The nature of teaching includes its principles, methods, strategies, values and practices that inform and generate knowledge about teaching. The nature of teaching is guided by theories and empirical research on how people learn. In this theme, we engage in pre-primary years to higher education (pre-P to 20) scholarship and beyond with life-long learning.

Our members do academic work with organizations that have an educational mandate, including: teacher education, schools, higher education, local governments, national Ministries of Education, out of school organizations, parents associations, and an array of local and international community groups. We actively question what is desirable to teach, how should we teach it, who gains from this teaching, and in what ways do people learn?

Children on a school tripWithin this theme, attention is paid to both a) the disciplines and b) their interconnections. For example, one cluster that could develop within this theme is education for STEAM that is broadly inclusive of (but not limited to) education in/for: [S]science, social science; [T]technology / computing / online / distance / edtech; [E]engineering, environment / community; [A]arts / humanities, [M]mathematics or medicine.

We both aim to recall our foundational disciplines and build bridges with other disciplines and Schools at the University of Dundee. An academic theme of pedagogy also allows us to speak to future teacher education programs that will be launched.