Teachers' Voices and Research

The first section here includes feedback from teachers gathered informally in a variety of ways (Informal Feedback). A later sub-section titled 'Teacher Action Research' includes more formal research undertaken by practising teachers.

Informal Feedback

Teacher Action Research

This section includes the abstracts and in some cases the full text of relevant research reports written by practising teachers.



Reading Between The Lives: Paired Reading with Sibling Dyads in a Bilingual and Monolingual Infants School


A brief (10 session) paired-reading project was carried at two Infants schools, involving 12 sibling (and 3 non-sibling) dyads in a bilingual school and 4 sibling (and 3 non-sibling) dyads in a monolingual school. A peer-tutoring approach was adopted, pairing Year 2 tutors with the Reception/Year 1 tutees. The initial cognitive focus on gains in word recognition and comprehension of simple text was expanded to accommodate the larger socio-cultural dimension that emerged during the process. Data collected through interviews with the children and Heads and questionnaires completed by some parents and teachers was qualitatively analysed using Atlas ti. Noticeable improvement was reported in reading on the part of tutors and tutees alike, with 'SEN' children benefiting the most. Raised self-confidence and improved behaviour were additional gains. Areas relating to home/school relationships were strengthened. The research process, explaining the evolving adaptations is included and limitations of the study discussed.

Bina Radia-Bond (BSc project, University of Luton, May 2001)

Bina comments informally: "I was highly inspired by my project (not least as I am Literacy governor of our an infants school and was delighted to witness its potential!) and would love to progress it further."