Social Justice Challenge 2020

The Social Justice Challenge is a cross-university, multi-disciplinary initiative that mobilises the academic community to get involved with critical contemporary themes such as refugees, homelessness, disabilities, education, food security, environment, or criminal justice.

The University, with its vision and values, is committed to engaging with social justice and mobilising the academic community towards innovative, transformative, engaged involvement with external partners on relevant issues for society.

The challenge involves groups of 5 to 6 students, from different disciplines, that explore together with academics and partners, solutions and ideas to address relevant challenges related to critical issues for the themes above. The meetings to discuss and work on the challenges will take place on Wednesday afternoons, running from 26th February – 1st April 2020.

If you are interested, please contact by Monday 10th February, expressing your interest, with one short paragraph to respond to the following question: “Why do I want to be involved in the 2020 Social Justice Challenge?”.  Please include details of your School, programme and matriculation number.

What former students have said about being involved in the challenge series:

‘The challenge offers a unique opportunity to work with colleagues across all schools of the University who I never would have come into contact with otherwise. Working closely with staff of the University, other students and local charities I developed skills in team work, organisation and made links with people from all walks of life. The end product we came up with is something that we, as a team, worked very hard on and something I believe had potential to really impact the lives of many of the vulnerable groups of society.’ (Anna, School of Medicine)

‘The challenge was an experience that encouraged me to reach outside my comfort zone and work with a team of people I had never met before! It was nice to do something outside of my course that I knew would have a possible impact on someone’s life and that made it worthwhile. Creativity was definitely a focal point but it allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses in order to create a finished product. The best part is not tackling the project alone. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to try something new, different and challenging!’ (Kirsten, School of Dentistry)

The images below show some of the projects and participants from last year's challenge.

A poster showing a project from the Social Justice Challenge 2019

A poster showing a project from the Social Justice Challenge 2019

A poster showing a project from the Social Justice Challenge 2019

A picture of students at the first Social Justice Challenge meeting of 2019