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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes

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Campus Development Plan

The project

In 2001 the University, following 2 consultation workshops, agreed a Campus Development Plan. This has shaped campus development over the following three - four years and has been very successful in this respect.

The fundamentals that were established in the 2001 plan - the University 'College Green', the rejuvenation of Small's Wynd and the creation of key gateways - were retained and reinforced in the 2005 fresh look at the city campus.

Terry Farrell & Partners of London and Edinburgh have been appointed to assist the University with the next stages of the evolving plan. Sir Terry Farrell's office has considerable experience in the masterplanning arena, and with their and your own assistance, I feel sure that we can develop an updated framework for the development of the campus that the University and City of Dundee can be proud of. (2005)

David Yule
Director of Campus Services

Images of plans

2001 Masterplan by Page & Park Architects
Agreed in 2001 and prepared by Page & Park Architects, this masterplan has shaped and informed campus development through the following 3-4 years, and has been very successful in this respect. masterplansmall.jpg
Buildings Projects either underway or planned
The plan shows building projects in red, areas designated as car parks in green, and finally existing buildings in blue. campusdevplansmall2.jpg
First Sketch Thoughts
Quickly produced to input into ongoing projects, this sketch masterplan shows the retention and reinforcement of the fundamental elements of the 2001 plan, including the University College Green, the rejuvenation of Small's Wynd and the creation of key gateways into the University.

The plan also introduces new thoughts about the connection of major University external spaces, and responds to new patterns of movement around the campus that will result from new building projects such as the Teaching Block and the new residences. The sketch also suggests new building plots within the University.

All of the campus will be shown and reviewed in the final masterplan. Certain buildings, spaces and roads are shown in an idealised or shorthand way. For instance the use of a green colour denotes effectively that attention is to be paid to that space, rather than a green or lawned area.

Clear Mental Map
Underlying the 'First Thoughts' sketch is the desire to shape the Campus into a coherent, understandable whole.

By linking the 3 E-W spaces in front of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, the proposed College Green and the existing space which 'spans' Small's Wynd, and by reinforcing the north south routes through the campus (between the Matthew and Crawford Buildings, from Airlie Place up into Balfour Street, Smalls Wynd and Park Place) it is hoped that campus users will gain a clear mental map of the University.

Current Project Status
Showing the current status of the building and external spaces projects as at 2005, those which are under construction or which have reached financial close are shown in green. Those designed but not yet built are shown in red and finally those under development are shown in orange. projectstatussmall.jpg