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What changes are necessary to the accomodation you currently occupy?

Refurbishment of staff toilets (ICS Building).

Enable access for all (ICS Building).

More private offices for full time professional staff, and for staff who don't have a private office, a place is needed where they can go to make a private phone call or just to have a quiet moment alone. During the academic year, the meeting rooms are often booked throughout the day, and they don't normally have telephones in them anyway.

Windows need replaced and heating is inappropriate/non-existent; complete upgrading required (Crawford and Matthew).

Access for the disabled in DoJ is appalling, more space that can be quickly and easily reconfigured for different kinds of teaching encounter, more spaces for students from different programmes to meet / work / socialise (an inter-disciplinary University needs students that can mix across disciplines).

No major changes so long as a good routine of maintenance, refurbishment and cleaning are maintained and any work that is done includes a change to more environmentally sustainable equipment, techniques etc (Scrymgeour).

The Scyrmgeour is old and has an inefficient heating system and no double glazing. Both of these issues need addressed. There are also few recycling facilities.

No facilities for cyclists or runners to change and shower in the building (Scrymgeour). The nearest shower facilities are in the swimming pool and there is no where to leave wet cycling jackets/trousers.

Like many offices in the Tower heating/ventilation is problematic.

QMB - the extra floor?

Lighting outside chaplaincy in line with library.

Airlie Place is a great environment for staff but very little teaching accommodation.

The campus is in a poor state of repair - this affects both staff and students.

Upgrading of heating system; windows (all single glazed); upgrading to meet DDA; more flexibility of spaces; upgrading of toilet facilities; general maintenance and redecoration. (Crawford & Matthew).

Improved ventilation of open plan rooms and reduced heat loss from boiler in basement which sometimes heats the entire floor to excessive levels (basement of 4 Airlie Place).

A recognition that all buildings require facilities suitable for uninterrupted interviews with students and enquirers and that open plan offices are unsuitable for this.

It is embarrassing however to bring visitors into our building because it is in such a poor and unimpressive state (1 Perth Road).

We have too few rooms for our full-time staff , despite several in-desperation conversions over the last couple of years (1 Perth Road).

The basement staff rooms, in particular, are hardly worthy of storing old records (1 Perth Road).

Make it watertight (1-3 Perth Road).

Duncan of Jordanstone - there are specific spaces which have been adapted from accommodation which are entirely unsuited to their new activity. The Second Year Fine Art studios have no access to outside air, other than through the (usually open) door, when my colleague next door's window and door are open. It has a skylight, which collects dead leaves, has two radiators (which cannot be controlled since they are fed by the main heating system) and is about 6'x12' in size. In summer it's so hot that I can't work there. The partitions between the rooms are not sound proof, which means that any conversation in one room can be heard next door. This is particularly a problem since a lot of work consists of tutorials with students whose personal views and situation in life are a significant factor. On the positive side, we have a comfortable area in which to discuss curriculum development, have examination meetings and relax at lunchtimes.

Better climate control (heating, insulation), modern furniture (Scrymgeour, Psychology).

Getting it cleaned regularly would be fine not just a bucket empty job. Other than that it is ok.

Furnishings and equipment antiquated. Building most likely highly energy inefficient with poor windows and heating that malfunctions and is wasteful (Tower).

Minor changes to CLS lab/office space are constantly needed to keep our activities up to date - these minor changes are pretty unpredictable and we need E+B to be responsive to these needs as they arise.

Lift - for disability access (School of Nursing & Midwifery, Ninewells).

High quality study and social space for post-graduate students who are young and mid career professionals paying high tuition fees (CEPMLP).

DDA accessibility remains poor in the majority of our Student services buildings, two have ground floor ramped access (Disability Services and Careers) but both those have inaccessible levels within their respective buildings and none of Cross Row is physically accessible, while the new DUSA space is partially accessible because of a lift but that is not under the disabled students control (being card-run by staff only) and the Balfour St entrance has no pushpad or intercom at the point of entry to the building as yet. Due to lack of funding for the Disability Estates compliance in the current we have had to fund the pushpads ourselves in order to ensure physical access is present at the time of the move, though we intend to seek a recharge on the Disability Estates budget in the coming year and continue to press for ground floor ramp access to 1 and 3 Cross Row either individually or through a knock through from Residences to Health.

None really, other than the re-housing of the College office as soon as possible to release the space for our growing research activity (QMB).

Improved external area around Fulton and Ewing. Stop cars coming through the University from Park Place School and Dental Hospital and have improved drop and waiting areas.

Better lighting in corridors in Fulton and new false ceilings.

Swipe card readers to better control entry and exit of building and recording of whos accessed a building. This should be tied up with enhanced security, more cameras and recording (Fulton).

More external seating areas for when its nice! How about shelters that can be used even when the weather is not so good? More greenery using low maintenance planting.

External building lighting even more enhanced, perhaps with projection of images on to buildings in the evenings. Something innovative and interesting, say something that the Art College creates. Fulton or the Civil Labs could be interesting canvasses.

Lack of space. We're a growing department and we've essentially run out of office space (Psychology, Scrymgeour).

The Scrymgeour is in a pretty profound state of neglect and disrepair. It urgently needs to be refurbished and modernised. The lower floor in particular is a disgrace.

Decent hygenic Gents Toilets in the Harris Building. The current toilets date from circa1909 when the building was originally built and are a health hazard. I am ashamed when visitors and external examiners have to use our toilets.

More space for staff offices for newly appointed staff and also space for their research. Our staff has academic staff numbers have expanded from eleven to twenty in the past two years (Physics, Harris).

Demolition! Assuming that's not feasible.....fix/replace leaky roof and sort heating/hot water system to reduce unacceptable levels of heat in the building (Ewing Annexe).

Improve security - significant IT resources are located within the building which students can access on a 24 hour basis. We've already experienced several break- ins (Ewing Annexe).

Replace automatic front door which often stops working/won't stop opening.even when no-one wants to enter/leave! (Ewing Annexe).

The Scrymgeour Building is a fine building with a positive image. It was, however, built for a purpose which does not readily fit with the activities currently being pursued in the Law School. The Diploma in Legal Practice recruits over 75 postgraduate entrants each year for an intensive skills based programme. The Scrymgeour Building does not have any real facilities at all for small group teaching centred on skills based activities or group working. Similarly, the Law School will offer seven taught LLM programmes in 2007. There are no real facilities within the building for taught masters students. There are considerable problems with access to the Law Library for students with physical challenges. Law Library staff do an excellent job in ameliorating these issues but the physical problems remain. The Law Library does not readily lend itself to study zoning as is now expected in modern library settings. Staff have attempted to deal with this within the confines of the existing physical structure but the outcome is not ideal.

The laboratory block at Ninewells needs a comprehensive upgrade of heating, cooling and ventilation. Working conditions are unacceptable and have been a source of complaints and ill health for years.

Broadly the DUSA building is ok but diversity needed in some areas like top floor and behind kitchen and building could be more intensively used sometimes. Introduce PG specific space. Partners (pool, bank, shop) are broadly ok though bank appearance is dated. Nursery not ideally located PG space?

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