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Green Impact

Green Impact is a successful environmental accreditation scheme. It brings staff and students together across the University in an active role to help create a more sustainable workplace. Designed to promote, encourage, and provide a greater understanding of sustainability and responsibility: it's an easy, practical way of making a difference.

Green Impact has been developed by the National Union for Students in partnership with the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges. It is already established in over 50 UK universities, including Strathclyde, Oxford and Cambridge.

How it works

Teams go through an online workbook completing criteria and providing evidence of how they achieved it. We've designed the ‌workbook for Dundee and it works for all types of departments. Your team can work at their own pace, prioritising what they wish to achieve first. The more actions and targets completed, the greater the award!

The award systems involves ‘working towards’, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. This is the first year Green Impact has been at Dundee, so the first award that can we can win is bronze!

Get involved

Any team or department can join in - there are no restrictions. You can join as a single office or a whole school office. You can join as a 3rd year module group from any subject or you can join as a University social club. We'd love to have a range of teams representing the University across the different schools.



Sustainable Labs

We've designed this to suit people who are not based in conventional office environments, such as teaching labs or research labs. Within the tab, you still follow the same bronze, silver and gold awards scoring system.

If your department includes both laboratories and office environments you 'd use both workbooks. If you complete both workbooks, you would receive awards in both categories.

Find out more

Not the only additional add on!

It’s not just sustainable labs that can be included as a non-conventional office environment. There is potential to expand in the future, involving work areas such as catering or university grounds.

How to take part


You sign up online to take part as a member of a team. If there is no existing team in your department or you would like to start a new team, you can create one. You can then invite people to join and sign up.

The team members work their way through the online workbook of criteria. Actions are set in different categories and teams can select from multiple categories.

The team leader (Champion) ensures the team complete the workbook correctly. and they need to submit evidence your team has achieved. The Champion can be anyone within the team.

Remember, any department can take part.


Enquire with your head of department if they are taking part, and if not, you can encourage them to do so. It is a great way to help improve your department’s environmental impact.



Interested in auditing?

As part of Green Impact, there is the opportunity for volunteer students or staff to take part in environmental auditing training.

You'd then visit the Green Impact teams at the end of the workbook year to ensure they've completed actions and criteria to the required standard. This offers students a fantastic chance to further develop their knowledge, understanding and practical experience in environmental training and auditing.

Why get involved?

Did you know?

A 15 second lift journey consumes as much energy as a 60W light bulb does in an hour. Take the stairs if possible!

If we turned off every unnecessary piece of equipment on campus over a two week period, the University would save approximately £40,000.

Get started

Register your workbook. Join a team. If there isn’t a team already, create one!

We can help you set up a team, or if you would just like more information, get in touch!

For more information contact Aileen Corral (Sustainability Projects Assistant)

Visit the NUS Green Impact website