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Security and Safety

The University is no different from any other large public area. Petty crime occurs and most often involves the loss of personal valuables from unlocked or unattended offices or unlocked rooms, lecture theatres, libraries, and bars. Car parks are also vulnerable although they are patrolled and most are monitored by CCTV. Most crime can be prevented by taking care and being aware of the risks. Never assume that crimes are always committed by people who should not be on campus so take sensible care of your possessions and property. While the University will do all that it can to prevent crime, everyone has a part to play.

Advice and information on security and safety is contained in the Campus Security Leaflet copies of which are available from departmental offices or the University Security Manager. Assistance can be provided by Campus Security who can be contacted 24 hours a day on extension 88188.  Further assistance can be provided by the University Security Consultant who can be contacted on extension 84070. If you are the victim of a crime or if you have been subjected to harassment or assault, or if you wish to report a security matter please complete a Security Incident Report. The report can be sent by e-mail to the security manager or by hard copy. Reports are held by departmental offices.

It is important that all security incidents are reported to help us prevent recurrence and if you see anything or anyone suspicious please tell us immediately. In an emergency contact the police without delay.

Security Station

Every effort is made to staff a 24-hour security station in the foyer of the Tower Block but there will be occasions when security officers must leave to attend incidents. The station can be contacted by dialling extension 4141 (main campus). Report any security incidents to that number. If unattended it will automatically transfer to the British Telecom emergency operator. Further information is contained in the Campus Security Leaflet.


The University has installed CCTV cameras at strategic external locations to complement those systems operating in various buildings. The system will be extended to cover the whole campus, and at Ninewells campus. The system will be monitored and recorded and any incidents or crimes captured on camera will be passed to the police and may also be used in any University disciplinary proceedings.

Security Patrols

Security officers assisted by janitors and parking wardens patrol the campus and are available to assist staff and students concerned about safety or security. They are in uniform and can be contacted through the security station. You should follow any advice or guidance they may give you. Please do not compromise the safety of others. Do not leave broken glass on the ground, or interfere with any safety or security equipment which is there to protect you. Drive safely and remember that there are students on campus who are visually impaired.

The Campus Security Group

The Campus Security Group is chaired by a deputy principal and includes representatives from faculties, departments, the safety office, the students association and the police. It receives reports and recommendations from the security manager and agrees future strategies to improve and develop safety on campus. Should you have any suggestions on how we might better security please contact the security manager in the first instance.

Security incidents can be reported from this site by filling in the form and sending this to Estates & Buildings Department by email using the link provided in the Security Incident Report.

The BBC Crime Prevention website has useful information on crime prevention.

Tower Security

The evening security arrangements for the Tower Building on the City Campus, have been reviewed in May 2004. Further details on evening Tower Access are summarised.