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Campus Accessibility Improvements

The University’s Campus Accessibility Group meets several times each Academic Year to discuss accessibility improvements in response to individual disabled people's needs, and to progress an ongoing programme of campus accessibility works. This reflects our commitment to providing an inclusive learning and working environment for all students and staff.

Campus Accessibility Survey Results 2014

Legislative Context

The University is legally obliged under the Equality Act (2010) to make reasonable adjustments to its campus environment and buildings to enable access by disabled students, staff and members of the public. The University is also legally obliged to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people, to involve disabled people in identifying its priorities for action and to assess the impact of its activities on disabled people.

The Equality Act covers all aspects of the physical environment, including access to and circulation within buildings, acoustics and lighting and building management arrangements. The Act requires Universities to make reasonable adjustments in anticipation of the needs of disabled people. In relation to physical access, a reasonable adjustment may involve removing or altering the feature that is presenting a barrier, providing a reasonable means of avoiding the feature or providing a reasonable alternative means of accessing services.

Universities responsibilities under the Equality Act are ongoing and evolving. This means that adjustments should be monitored and reviewed in the light of experience or feedback received, and any technological or other developments that may provide new or better solutions to access issues.


Decision Making Route for Access Adjustments

The University established a DDA Estates Steering Group in 2004 (renamed the Campus Accessibility Group) to identify and approve priorities for action for accessibility improvements to our campus and buildings, taking account of legislative requirements, disabled people’s needs, feedback from service users and the University’s strategic priorities. Membership of this group consists of the University Secretary, the Director of Student Services, the Head of Disability Services, the Disability Support Officer (DSO) for Estates and a disabled member of staff.

The University allocates funding each financial year to enable ongoing access improvements to be made and to respond to emerging needs. The latter are typically identified by members of staff or disabled people; including students, staff and members of the public.

Examples of Access Improvements:


Future Access Plans



Contacts for Campus Accessibility Improvements

If you have any suggestions for access improvements to the University’s buildings and campus environment, or have identified a specific access issue that needs to be addressed, please contact:

Dr. Shirley Hill, Head of Disability Services:

Allan Watson, Disability Support Officer, Estates and Buildings: