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Environmental & Sustainability Policy Statement

the objects of the University shall be to advance and diffuse knowledge, wisdom and understanding by teaching and research and by the examples and influence of its corporate life. (University Charter, 1967).

The University of Dundee offers a wide range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and conducts research across a broad spectrum of disciplines. More recently the University has identified its purpose "to transform lives locally and globally through the creation, sharing and application of knowledge", identifying "promoting the sustainable use of global resources" as one of the key challenges to be tackled (Transformation: A New Vision for our University", 2012).

As such, the University has very extensive responsibilities to:

Use resources efficiently to minimise our impact on the environment;

Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations;

Raise awareness within the University community about environmental issues.

Through its teaching and research, the University also has an opportunity to advance our understanding of environmental issues at a variety of levels.

The purpose of this statement is to set out plainly and simply the University's commitment to sustainable development and effective environmental stewardship. While much has already been achieved, especially in the efficient generation of heat and power, the efficient management of waste disposal, the development of green travel policies and in raising awareness about environmental issues, there are many areas where further progress can be made. In particular, the University of Dundee is committed to:

Promoting sustainable development through awareness raising, technological solutions and financial incentives;

Promoting biodiversity, principally through the University Botanic Garden and its world-class collection of plants;

Promoting sustainable procurement, through the University Procurement Office;

Reducing our use of energy and utilities;

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our waste management systems, with the aim of reducing pollution and the amount of construction, demolition and excavation waste going to landfill. We will work to adopt and implement standards for good practice in reducing waste, recycling more, and increasing the use of recycled and recovered materials.

Promoting trade justice by achieving and retaining fair-trade status for the University and Students Union;

Continuing to develop and implement an integrated green travel policy, to promote green travel and reduce pollution from motor vehicles.

The University has established an Environment Task Group, which will be charged with developing and implementing the University's environmental policy; to monitoring, auditing and reviewing our progress against defined targets; and to reporting to key University decision-making forums. The Task Group will include senior members of the University staff as well as representatives of the student body. It will set clear targets under each of the above headings, and will report against these targets at the years end. The Task Group will disseminate information on environmental issues as widely as possible within the University.

Before the start of each academic year, the Task Group will:

Review this statement, in consultation with interested parties;

Revise the main priorities listed above, as appropriate;

Revise the targets set out under each of these priorities, in order to achieve continuous improvements in our performance.

The University of Dundee through The Energy & Environment Office within Estates & Buildings aims to provide a unified service and contact point for both The University Community and the wider external community.

All matters or enquiries in respect of Energy, Waste, Environment and/or Sustainability schemes, projects and/or initiatives should be directed in the first instance to The Energy & Environment Office, Estates & Buildings.

Signed by the Principal of the University of Dundee