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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes

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University Allotment

The University of Dundee community allotment is a space at the botanic gardens where students and staff (or anyone who's interested) can get together to grow vegetables! It's a great opportunity to chat, exercise, and spend some healthy time outdoors. We meet every few weeks, and would love to have you whether you're a seasoned gardener, or have never set foot in a garden before!

The harvested food is then shared between the volunteers, and donated to a number of local charities, including the Discovery Food Project.

For more information please contact Alasdair Hood.

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Allotment Archive

September 2011



‎The allotment also won a prize from Dundee City Council - Bonnie Dundee Garden and Allotment Competition, and was awarded the Gold Certificate for best new entrant.  Prize was £20 of gardening vouchers and a cookery book.