Energy and environment

Reducing carbon emissions, reusing furniture, and recycling our waste is just the beginning of our goal to become more environmentally aware.

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We are developing our Net Zero approach to meet Scottish Government Targets and this includes critical investment in renewable energy sources and lifting our building standards to Passiv Haus and EnerPHit.

Day to day energy and environment activities include increasing our recycling rates, re-use of furniture and our free-shop for previously loved items, plus allotments and green travel initiatives.



Staff at Dundee University are gearing up for a pilot scheme that will see electric bikes used to get around campus.

Published on 10 June 2010


The city-wide Bonnie Dundee group won a gold award this year for their work on the wildflower project

Published on 5 December 2022


Trudy Cunningham
Environment and Sustainability Manager