These are the current Harassment Advisors in the University. They are not school or Directorate specific and you can contact any one of these adviser if needed.

Name School/Directorate  Tel No
Carol Mackintosh   Life Sciences  85766
 Inke Nathke  Life Sciences  85821
Louise Stanley  Life Sciences   86351
 Jacquie Garbett  Life Sciences  81244
 Fiona Elder   Medicine  88355
 Kevin McConville  Medicine  83781
 Carolyn Johnstone  Nursing and Health  88552
 Mohammad Islam  Dental  88566
 Marj Davis  LeverHulme  88091
 Raluca Eftimie  Science and Engineering  84488
Mark Trusswell Science and Engineering 85412
 Hugh Gunn  Business  85871
 Donna Milne  Humanities  81125
 Michael Allardice  Student Services  84127
 Joanne Bradley   External Relations 81832 
 Pamela Proctor  Finance  81879
 David Melville Precinct Services   85850
Sean Reilly Estates and Campus 84076
Dumiso Moyo Social Sciences 85240