Covid-19 and equality, diversity, and inclusion

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Bullying harassment due to coronavirus

The University does not tolerate any bullying, harassment, discrimination or victimisation. If you feel that you have experienced unacceptable behaviour, or have witnessed such behaviour, you are encouraged to act promptly and speak with your manager, HR, EDI or one of the University’s H&B Advisors. Please refer to the University’s Dignity at Work and Study Policy for further information.

The following links provide specific information that will be appropriate for different protected characteristics.  It is relevant to students, staff, or if you are supporting a relative, partner or friend.  The links to external websites are intended as further support if required and the University does not in any way recommend, support or take responsibility for the content or any changes that may be found.


NHS Tayside

General advice on Covid-19 from NHS Tayside

NHS Inform Scotland  

Latest guidance about Covid-19 from NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, including social distancing and stay at home advice.


Age Scotland

Advice for older people and their families on how to avoid exposure to the virus and how to support wellbeing.

Caring Responsibilities

Carers UK

Detailed information regarding the support that is available to carers and also the people that they look after.


Student Minds

Mental health advice for students


Practical advice for staying and home and taking care of your mental health and wellbeing.  There is also more general support and advice including work, financial and housing issues.

Diabetes UK

Information for people who have Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  It may also be useful for people who supports anyone living with diabetes.


Covid-19 guidance for people with cancer.  This includes information and support on social-distancing, shielding, and supporting someone with cancer.

MS Society

Practical advice from the Multiple Sclerosis society, the NHS and guidelines from the Association of British Neurologists.

Dyslexia Scotland

Help and support for people in Scotland who have dyslexia.  Details include a helpline number and further resources that may be helpful.

Deaf Action

Support for Deaf people and those with hearing loss including BSL information clips.  This includes government updates and advice from NHS Inform. 


Updates on how Coronavirus is affecting those with sight loss 

Pregnancy and Maternity

NHS Inform

Detailed advice and information in relation to pregnancy and newborn babies.

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Information for pregnant women and their families. 



General information on support available to the LGBT community including mental health and trans-specific care.


National charity specifically focussing on LGBT+ mental health

LGBT Foundation

Support and information specifically for and about Covid-19 and LGBT+ people 

Domestic Abuse 

Scottish Women’s Aid

Covid-19 and what it means for women, children and young people experiencing domestic abuse.

Dundee Women’s Aid

Local organisation that supports all women who are experiencing domestic abuse including members of the BAME communities.

LGBT+ Domestic Abuse

Support services to LGBT+ victims/survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence


Information and support for men in Scotland who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse.


UK Government – Translation of Stay at home Guidance.  

Languages available are Arabic, Bengali, Traditional Chinese – Cantonese, Simplified Chinese – Mandarin, French, Gujarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, and Urdu

UK Government – Translation of Social Distancing Guidance

Languages available are Arabic, Bengali, Traditional Chinese – Cantonese, Simplified Chinese – Mandarin, French, Gujarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, and Urdu

Coronavirus information in other languages

Doctors of the World have translated NHS coronavirus information into 49 languages

Race Equality Foundation

Coronavirus information and resources and how the risk factors affect BAME people and communities

Spark & Co

Covid-19 BAME Resource Hub


Ethnic Minority National Resilience Network 

Religion and Belief 

Dundee University Chaplaincy

Contact details are available if you would like to speak to the Chaplain or Honorary Chaplains (Church of Scotland, Scottish Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Multi Faith/Baha’I, Humanist and Shia Islam) 


Guidance issued by the Muslim Council of Britain on observing the holy month of Ramadan under lockdown.