These guides are there to help you understand more about equality, diversity and inclusion, the legislation, common misconceptions and more.

Equality and Diversity and organising an event

When you are organising an event, meeting or function, equality plays a big part of the planning, even though you may not think about it.

Equality and Diversity legislation - the basics

Basic information regarding the Equality Acts and the responsibilities of the University as a public body in Scotland.

Equality monitoring - why do we do it?

By completing your Equality Monitoring form you help us, your colleagues and fellow students ensure a culture that benefits and supports us all.

Positive action or positive discrimination - what's the difference?

There is some real confusion around the concept of positive action and many people will only see it as another form of positive discrimination. This explains the difference.

The protected characteristics explained

Some explanation of the protected characteristics as identified under the Equality Act 2010.