Dr Gareth Inman

Gareth Inman

Position: Reader, Division of Cancer Research

Address: Division of Cancer Research
Medical Research Institute
Jacqui Wood Cancer Centre
University of Dundee
James Arrott Drive
Ninewells Hospital And Medical School

Telephone: +44 (0) 1382 383366

Email: g.j.inman@dundee.ac.uk


Dr Gareth Inman graduated with first class honours from The University of York. He carried out his PhD studies on Epstein Barr virus in Professor Paul Farrell’s laboratory in the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in St Mary’s Hospital, London, before joining Professor Ed Ziff’s laboratory as an HHMI postdoctoral fellow in New York. Gareth then returned to the Ludwig Institute as a Wellcome Trust postdoctoral fellow and studied TGFβ signalling in human B cells in Professor Martin Allday’s lab. He then moved to Dr Caroline Hill’s lab at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund to study TGFβ signalling dynamics. Gareth set up his own lab investigating TGFβ signalling in cancer at The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow in 2003 following his award of the first AICR International Cancer Fellowship. Gareth took up his readership in Dundee in 2010.


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  • Spender, L.C. and Inman, G.J. (2012) Phosphoinositide-3-kinase/AKT/mTORC1/2 signaling determines sensitivity of Burkitt’s Lymphoma cells to BH3-mimetics. Mol Cancer Res.10(3):347-59.

Q & A with Gareth Inman

This is a difficult as I would always like to achieve more at work yet have time to look after my children and see my partner. Invariably this requires compromises from all of us. Fortunately for me the family is very understanding of my passion for science and its sometimes unsociable time demands.

Outstanding academic research reputation in biological/biomedical sciences.

Being awarded the first AICR international cancer fellowship which enabled me to set up my own lab in the Beatson Institute in Glasgow

That gender does not correlate in anyway with grade, pay or responsibilities.

Someone who is open and honest about their career path.

The thrill of discovering something new.

That who you work for really matters.