The School of Social Sciences Athena SWAN SAT was established in January 2018, alongside a School Equality and Diversity Committee. The School of Social Sciences SAT is currently chaired by the Schools Athena SWAN Lead Dr Sarah Halliday. As well as her role on the School of Social Sciences SAT, Dr Halliday is also a member of the University of Dundee Athena SWAN Steering Group and the University Athena SWAN Executive Group.

Dr Sarah Halliday

Dr Sarah Halliday

Chair, School of Social Sciences SAT
+44 (0)1382 385443

The School of Social Sciences was formed in 2015 and encompasses a range of academic disciplines that help us understand and shape society. As a school our mission is to "Understand and shape society, influence the world around you and transform lives". Through this we are engaged in making sense of some of the world's most complex and challenging issues, ranging from health and wellbeing to social change and social justice and the interplay between our built and physical environments.

Bronze Award

The School of Social Sciences hope to submit an application for the Athena SWAN Bronze Award in November 2018.