The School of Humanities SAT was established in December 2015 from an Equality and Diversity group that had been meeting since early 2015. The Humanities SAT is currently chaired by Dr Martine Van Ittersum.

Dr Martine Van Ittersum

Dr Martine Van Ittersum

Chair, School of Humanities SAT
 +44 (0)1382 384522

The committee was formed under the direction of Annie Tindley, who was the Equality and Diversity officer for the School, with significant support from the Dean, Prof Jim Livesey, and the university's Athena SWAN officer, Dr Jane Illes. As well as her role on the School of Humanities SAT, Annie is also a member of the University of Dundee Athena SWAN Steering Group and the University Athena SWAN Executive Group.

There has been a growing recognition in the arts and humanities, in Dundee and across the sector, that issues of equality and diversity are equally, if not more, challenging in our field as in STEM areas. Our proportions of females in senior roles are as poor as those in STEM, but we start from an equal number of male and female students; indeed, female students marginally outnumber male students at undergraduate levels. Proportions of male and female staff remain equal, but females are very underrepresented at senior lecturer, reader and professorial levels. By working with the Athena SWAN agenda, we hope to build a better culture in our School, for everybody’s benefit.

Bronze Award

The School of Humanities hope to submit an application for the Athena SWAN Bronze Award in November 2016


As part of our aim to build a consensual and holistic approach to equality and diversity in the School, Annie and Carmen Garcia del Rio, a lecturer in Spanish, together devised an interactive workshop for staff and students, called 'Building a Better School Culture'. This asks participants to consider carefully the language they use in everyday interactions and build up a more open and resilient working culture. They are currently rolling this workshop out across other Schools in the university.