The following Venture application form is for business ideas where the lead applicant is a currently matriculated or recently graduated student from the University of DundeeOtherwise, if you are a member of University of Dundee staff (research or non-research) then please apply here.

Please ensure that you have read and agree to the Venture Competition 2022 Terms & Conditions before submitting this form.

We recommend that you write and save the content of your application in a word processing application and then copy your answers into the fields below before submitting to avoid any potential loss of data and to ensure you have a copy of your application for future reference.

1. Current Student/Recent Graduate Applicant Details (lead applicant must be a currently matriculated University of Dundee student or Recen graduate)

  • Title:
  • Forename:
  • Surname:
  • Main email address (Note: correspondence will be sent to this email address):
  • University of Dundee email address (or second email address if recent graduate):
  • University of Dundee matriculation number (7 or 9 Digits Long):
  • University of Dundee school:
  • University of Dundee degree/Course name/Research area:
  • Year of study:
  • Your mobile number:
  • Is your idea a joint application? If so name the fellow team members, email addresses, university/organisation and their roles in the proposed business:
  • Eligibility/Permission - I can confirm that I have access to/ownership of all required intellectual property for the purposes of developing this business idea, and (if a research student) have gained appropriate permission(s) from my supervisor(s), principal investigator(s) and/or University of Dundee RIS, as appropriate, to enter the Competition if utilising University of Dundee research in my idea (tick box to confirm). 

    Please see the Venture Competition 2022 Terms & Conditions for more information.
  • Student category applied for (can only apply for one category):
    • School of Art and Design Student Award/Recent Graduate (currently studying or who graduated within the last 5 years) - £2,500 prize fund sponsored by DJCAD
    • Postgraduate Researcher Award/Recent Graduate (Currently studying or who graduated within last 2 years) £3,000 prize fund sponsored by the Doctoral Academy
    • Wildcard Award - Students/Recent Graduates (last 5 years) (for all other schools: School of Dentistry, School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law or School of Health Sciences)£2,500 prize fund sponsored by James Keiller Investments and Centre for Entrepreneurship


2. Business Idea Details

  • Proposed business name:
  • Title of innovation/business idea:
  • (a) Non-confidential summary of your innovation/business idea (max. 100 words in laymen terms):


  • (b) What do you hope to achieve with this idea in the next 12 months? Do you think you will be in a position to take this idea forward as a business? (max. 200 Words):
  • Your product or service (max. 450 words). Please describe your idea:

    -> What problem does it solve?
    -> Who are your competitors and why is your idea better?
    -> What stage of development is it at (idea, proof-of-concept, prototype, fully developed)?
    -> Do you have intellectual property protection?
    -> Any previous funding you have had
    -> Please provide a breakdown of how you would use Venture funding to further develop your idea
    -> Please include a URL to an artist's impression or image (if available) 
  • Your target market (max. 250 words):

    -> What is your market?
    -> How will you get your product/service to market?
    -> How will your business make money?

  • Benefits to the customers (max. 200 words):

    -> Who are your customers?
    -> Are they different from the end users?
    -> Have you spoken to your customers and/or end users?

  • Requirements for development (Please tick all applicable - hold ctrl (PC) or command (Mac) to select more than one):
  • Provide a summary of your business idea's social aims and objectives (max. 200 words):

    -> Detail the kinds of benefits you would plan to deliver to individuals, the communities and/or the environment.
    -> What would your organisation plan to do with any surplus profits it generates?

  • Availability for Venture Final and Pitching Days

    The Venture final with live presentations will be on Friday 25 February 2022 between 4-7pm. Pitching days where teams pitch live to the judging panel will be assigned on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 February.

  • Please check the box to confirm you have made a note of this and that you (and/or your team) will be available if selected as one of our finalists.

  • Please confirm that you have read our Terms and conditions (Please tick):

    You will be informed by 6pm on Friday 4 February 2022 if you have been selected for the Venture Final on Friday 25 February 2022.