The following Venture application form is for business ideas where the lead applicant is a currently-employed member of University of Dundee staff or recent graduate - graduated from University of Dundee last 2 years (Note: recent School of Business Graduates should apply for the School of Business Student Award here).
If you are a currently-matriculated University of Dundee student then please apply here.
Please ensure that you have read and agree to the Venture Competition 2019 Terms & Conditions before submitting this form.

We recommend that you write and save the content for your application in a word processing application and then copy in to the fields below before submitting to avoid any potential loss of data and to ensure you have a copy of your application for future reference.

1. University of Dundee staff or recent graduate applicant details (lead applicant must be a currently employed member of University of Dundee staff or recent graduate who has graduated from University of Dundee within the last 2 years)

  • Title:
  • Forename:
  • Surname:
  • University of Dundee/work email address (Note: correspondence will be sent to this email address):
  • Personal email address:
  • University of Dundee school/department (currently work in or graduated from):
  • Your mobile number:
  • Is your idea a joint application? If so, name the fellow team members, email addresses, university/organisation and their roles in the proposed business:
  • Eligibility/Permission: I can confirm that I have access to/ownership of all required intellectual property for the purposes of developing this business idea and I can confirm that I have gained appropriate permission(s) from my supervisor(s), principal investigator(s), Centre of Entrepreneurship and/or University of Dundee RIS, as appropriate, to enter the Competition (tick box to confirm).

    Please see the Venture Competition 2019 Terms & Conditions for more information.


2. Business Idea Details

  • Proposed company name:
  • Title of innovation/business idea:
  • Non-confidential summary of your innovation/business idea (max. 100 words in laymen terms):
  • Your product or service (max. 450 words). Please describe your idea:

    -> What problem does it solve?
    -> Who are your competitors and why is your idea better?
    -> What stage of development is it at (idea, proof-of-concept, prototype, fully developed)?
    -> Do you have intellectual property protection?
    -> Any previous funding you have had
    ->Please include a URL to an artist's impression or image (if available)
  • Your target market (max. 250 words):

    -> What is your market?
    -> How will you get your product/service to market?
    -> How will your business make money?

  • Benefits to the customers (max. 200 words):

    -> Who are your customers?
    -> Are they different from the end users?
    -> Have you spoken to your customers and/or end users?

  • Requirements for development (Please tick all applicable - hold ctrl (PC) or command (Mac) to select more than one):
  • For social enterprise business ideas only (Type N/A - if not a social enterprise). Provide a summary of your project's social aims (max. 200 words):

    A social enterprise is a business which focuses on tackling social problems, strengthening communities, improving people's life chances or protecting the environment, as opposed to generating income for private individuals or bodies. Whilst social enterprises still aim to generate profits like any other business, those profits are principally reinvested in the business, or in the community, to help further the enterprise's social aims.

    -> Detail the kinds of benefits you would plan to deliver to individuals, the communities and/or the environment.
    -> What would your organisation plan to do with any surplus profits it generates?

  • Availability for Venture Final

    The Venture final and live pitching day will be on 1 March 2018 between 10am-8pm at the Dalhousie building.

    Please check the box to confirm you have made a note of this and that you (and/or your team) will be available to exhibit and pitch live if selected as one of our finalists.

  • Please confirm that you have read our Terms and conditions (Please tick):

    You will be informed by 5pm Friday 8th February 2019 if you have been selected for the Venture Final on Friday 1st March 2019.