Nurturing Entrepreneurial Potential

We are on a mission to firstly improve the self-reliance and employability of the University's students, staff and recent graduates by developing their enterprise skills. And secondly, to support those who wish to embark on the journey of starting their own business.

We do this with the help of local business experts, who provide training, mentoring, inspirational talks and competitions with associated prize funding.

A Beacon for Entrepreneurship

The city of Dundee is undergoing its most significant transformation in a generation. The foundations for the future economic success of the city and region are being laid. And new start-ups, existing company scale-ups, and enterprise will play a critical role in the continued reinvention of the area.

The University's partnership with Elevator establishes Dundee's first Centre for Entrepreneurship. It will dedicate itself to support future entrepreneurs with the necessary tools for their business journey. Our vision is to further develop and support Dundee's entrepreneurial and enterprising culture - which will have a positive impact on the area's economy and employability.

A Distinguishable Centre

To ensure the new Centre in Dundee is easily distinguishable around the world, it will focus (not exclusive) on fast-tracking businesses located in Dundee. Especially businesses from the creative industries, digital technology and life sciences sectors. This focus will be coupled with the embedment of a design-led approach - all areas that Dundee, as a city, is becoming increasingly renowned for‌. 

With the annual Venture competition, with start-up funding awards for new business ideas, Entrepreneurship Week, the Enterprise Challenge, Masterclasses, transferable skills training, and access to some of the top business mentors available in the UK - there is something for everyone.

Three-Stage Approach

The Centre for Entrepreneurship works to a three-stage process - please click to find out more about each stage:

     1. Enterprising Skills

     2. Nurturing Entrepreneurship

     3. Accelerating Success

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