Enterprise Challenge - Terms of Engagement 2019/20 

 (Last updated September 2019) 

1. Attendance  

Hosting the Enterprise Challenge workshops is a resource-intensive undertaking. To prevent the waste of resources, we would be grateful if upon registering a place participants will attend. If extenuating circumstances arise, please inform our team ( enterprisechallenge@dundee.ac.uk ) at the earliest possible opportunity. The attendance of each Enterprise Challenge team member at the weekly workshop events will be recorded and taken into consideration in the judging process for the Enterprise Challenge Final and for deciding on the teams that will receive the various awards.  

1.1 Conduct  

The Enterprise Challenge brings together a diverse range of students, staff and alumni. We want every participant to be able to express themselves fully throughout the challenge however if at any point during the event a participant is deemed to be problematic within the process the Centre for Entrepreneurship team reserve the right to exclude the participant from the remainder of the challenge.  

1.2 Confidential Information  

Confidential Information within the Enterprise Challenge is without limitation, information, data, drawings, plans, schemes and concepts not previously known to participants or available to participants from any other legitimate source.  

1.3 Intellectual Property  

Intellectual Property (IP) can be divided into background IP and foreground IP.  Background IP is the intellectual property belonging to a participant or a team that has been generated prior to the Enterprise Challenge, that has been disclosed to the Centre for Entrepreneurship via the initial Enterprise Challenge application or via email prior to the commencement of the workshops in week 1 of the Enterprise Challenge programme whilst foreground IP is the intellectual property generated during the workshops and/or when working on the ideas during the duration of the programme.  

Participants agree that all knowledge and information learned during or through their involvement within the Enterprise Challenge about other participant’s business ideas will remain confidential. In order that intellectual property may be exploited to its fullest extent participants agree that:  

All intellectual property that is newly created (foreground IP) by you or your team as part of an Enterprise Challenge activity, project or event will initially belong to the University of Dundee.  

The University will assign ownership of the newly created IP to the team or team member(s) that are considered best-placed to take the idea forward free of charge if requested within six months of the creation date of the intellectual property or on another suitable date previously agreed between the University and the team or team member(s).  

In the event that you or your team do not take ownership as per the above you will give your full co-operation at the University's expense to do all things as may reasonably be required of you to secure for the University full right, title and interest in the intellectual property in any jurisdiction.  

2. Personal Information  

The personal information provided by participants to the Centre for Entrepreneurship will be used for administrative and management purposes. It may also be used to market related services to you and to track the take up of such services. Your information will also be available to staff of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and / or academic staff at the University of Dundee for research purposes.  

The published results of any research will not identify you individually without your explicit consent and your information will not be passed to any third party unless required by law.  

As a member of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, you agree that any photos/videos taken during Centre for Entrepreneurship/Enterprise Challenge activities that may include an image of you may be shown on the University oDundee web site or Centre for Entrepreneurship social media channels used for other promotional purposes including online platforms and printed materials. Please ensure you have read and are aware of our Privacy Notice which can be found at: https://www.dundee.ac.uk/entrepreneurship/privacynotice/  

3. Further Information 

Any queries regarding participation in the Enterprise Challenge should be addressed to: 

Centre for Entrepreneurship 

Unit A, 75 Old Hawkhill 

University of Dundee 

Dundee DD1 5EN 

Tel: 01382 386568