Non-Student Application - Deadline: Monday 27th January 2020, 12noon.

The following application form is to apply for a place on the 2019/20 Semester 2 Enterprise Challenge which will take place on Wednesday evenings 5-7pm at our cutting edge Centre for Entrepreneurship facility on campus.

This form is for University of Dundee Staff or Recent Graduates (last 2 years) (Current Students or Students at other Universities/Colleges please apply here)

Please ensure that you have read and agree to the Enterprise Challenge Terms of Engagement before submitting this form.

We therefore recommend that you write and save the content for your application in a word processing application and then copy in to the fields below before submitting to avoid any potential loss of data and to ensure you have a copy of your application for future reference.

  • Title:
  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • University of Dundee/Work Email Address (Note: correspondence will be sent to this email address):
  • Personal Email Address:
  • University of Dundee School/Department (Currently Work in or Graduated From):
  • Your Mobile Number:
  • Why do you want to take part in the Enterprise Challenge? (100 words Max):
  • Are you applying as part of a team? If so, please list the other team member(s) below, ensuring that each person also fills out this form seperately. (Don't worry if you don't have a team, the programme offers opportunities for this - put 'No' if so):
  • Do you have an existing innovation/business idea you wish to bring into the Enterprise Challenge? If so, please declare and describe this in advance in a non-confidential summary below (100 words max, and please state if there is anyone else who has came up with this idea with you): (Don't worry if you don't have an idea, these can be established during the programme - put 'No' if so)
  • Day/Time:
  • What areas interest you most within the Enterprise Challenge programme (Please tick all applicable - hold ctrl (PC) or command (Mac) to select more than one):
  • How did you hear about the Enterprise Challenge?
  • Please confirm that you have read the Enterprise Challenge Terms of Engagement (Please tick):

    You will be informed by 5pm on Monday 27th January 2020 if you have been selected for a place on the Enterprise Challenge 2019/20 Semester 2 Programme.

Any questions please contact our team.