Five Projects from the University of Dundee Move On to Stage 2 of the Converge Challenge!

Around 60 aspiring entrepreneurs from across Scotland’s Universities are now through to the next stage of Converge, Scotland’s leading academic enterprise programme.  Five projects from the University of Dundee have been selected for this stage of the Challenge. Read about them below:

1)      Ten Biotech

Michael Conneely and Dr. Robyn Hickerson of the School of Life Sciences have created a patented, human skin culture system that mimics living skin.  This real human skin system will allow pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies to fill the unmet need for systems that mimic intact, living skin, providing an alternative for many experiments currently only performed on animals.

2)      Foresight Interactive Mapping

Foresight is a design-focused business aiming to revolutionise the way blind and visually impaired people navigate train stations. Created by Robbie Beautyman of the School of Art and Design, Foresight will take the concept of Braille and modernise it, giving visually impaired people more freedom to travel. Robbie won the postgraduate student award at the finals of the 2019 Venture competition

3)      Waulking Cases

Waulking Cases adds structural properties to Harris Tweed to produce a range of high quality and robust contemporary luggage aimed at business and leisure travellers. Harris Tweed is a unique material produced in small weaving sheds in the Outer Hebrides. The company’s founder, Campbell Scanlan, is a recent graduate from DJCAD, and won the recent graduate award at the 2019 Venture competition.

4)      In4Derm

In4Derm, created by Dr. Andrew Woodland, creates topical soft drugs to treat unmet medical needs in dermatology. The company develops topical drugs which the body’s natural process can detect and destroy. The drugs are applied as creams, and once they have treated the disease, the body is able to safely remove them.

5)      Alma Borealis

Maija Nygren, a staff member at DJCAD, has created a company designing sustainable, knitted kidswear using British wool. The garment is of a modular design, with components that can be added as a child grows, so that the garment can be worn for a prolonged period of time.


These semi-finalists will now be invited to attend three days of intensive, hands-on, business training which has been designed specifically to best prepare academic entrepreneurs in both start-up and spin-out companies. In the next phase of the programme, semi-finalists will submit a business plan with the best ideas going forward to the Converge 2019 final at the V&A Dundee on 25 September. Winners of the final will receive part of the 230k prize fund, which includes business training and support for their idea.