Enterprise Challenge Spring 2019 Winners

Nine teams, comprised of thirty-four participants, took part in this semester’s Enterprise Challenge. The ideas created during the semester included everything from a zero-waste consultancy to a makeup comparison website to a salt water-powered battery pack. Three teams, however, proved victorious at last Thursday’s finals of the Enterprise Challenge: Softech Robotics, a colonoscope for cancer detection; Wee Dundee, a Dundee souvenir company; and Hopscot, a travel rewards app. 

The members of Softech Robotics won £1,000 in the New Ideas Award category, as well as places on Elevator’s summer accelerator program. The New Ideas Award category is for participants who wish to take their idea forward as a viable business. The team was comprised of Dr Luigi Manfredi of the School of Medicine, assisted by Javin Mathew for the purposes of the programme, a student of International Business and Entrepreneurship.

The idea, created by Dr Manfredi, is for ‘a novel and low-cost disposable soft-colonoscope for painless colorectal cancer screening. The soft-colonoscope is made of elastomer and can be controlled by an external user-friendly-console. The low-production-cost enables a disposable device which would significantly reduce national screening costs and need for sedation, whilst increasing compliance.’ Luigi hopes that the technology will make the prospect of having a colonoscopy much less daunting for patients.


The runner-up in the New Ideas category was Wee Dundee, who won £250 for their Dundee souvenir company. The team was comprised of David Martin (School of Life Sciences staff), Alysha Ali (Social Sciences student), Bao Chu (Science and Engineering student), Lina Hasisen (Science and Engineering staff), Robyn Geddis (Social Sciences student), and Tereza Vyhnàlkovà (Education and Social Work student). Their idea is to ‘create high-quality, miniature replicas of iconic Dundee artworks, starting with the Overgate penguin sculptures. These will be memorable and unique keepsakes which will encapsulate the memories of the time spent in Dundee.’


Wee Dundee

In the Most Enterprising Team category, HopScot won £250 for their idea for a travel rewards app. The Most Enterprising Team Award is an award for participants who do not immediately wish to take forward their idea as a business. The HopScot team’s idea was for ‘a mobile app that lets people travel around Scotland in reward for points and these points allow people to exchange for goods, helping people to save money.’ The team was comprised of Melina Yang (School of Social Sciences student), Pauline Saribay (School of Social Sciences student), Ronaren Reyes (School of Social Sciences student), Zhen Lin (DJCAD student), and Jade Chau (DJCAD student).



 Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Enterprise Challenge! Details about next semester’s Enterprise Challenge will be released in August 2019, so stay tuned!