Trending: #ThinkAskAct

Trending: #ThinkAskAct

Hi everyone,

This is a short blog about our hashtag #ThinkAskAct, which you probably have noticed in most of our content both on social media and design media as well. Truth be told we’ve come up with this idea only this year, and so far so good, if anything it has been encouraging to see that people online have started incorporating it in their posts when they refer to us and our activity. 


The thinking process that went behind this initiative was along the lines of us wanting to symbolize CoE’s activity with a phrase which would make us traceable online but also, it would deliver our values as a brand. One of our motives is to embed within students, staff and alumni, that participate in our events, a mentality which will trigger their curiosity and will encourage them to be active and audacious if we may say, when it comes to setting goals and working towards them.

Essentially, our objective is to convey the key principles behind learning based on what we do. At the same time we wanted to underline the importance of asking questions as it is the most effective way to develop innovative solutions. Finally, acting upon the information that has been gathered which can be the most challenging step for many, however getting answers to questions can encourage acting towards achieving set goals.

As part of our 1st Enterprise Challenge workshop we asked from the participants to post a photo with the #ThinkAskAct in order to get the ball rolling on them using their creativity but also on establishing the use of the hashtag. The winner of that was Milly Munday and as a prize she got a £20 amazon voucher.

Another post using our #ThinkAskAct that we really liked.

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