Enterprise Challenge Final 17/18 - Semester 1

Enterprise Challenge Final S1

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So as you probably know, (and in case you didn’t know) the Enterprise Challenge is one of our main events and activities throughout the year. Participants that make it through, take part in a series of workshops that help them develop their business idea all in sight of the Final, where they prepare a 3 minute pitch which encapsulates the whole purpose of their product/service. The pitch is presented to a panel of experienced professionals who then decide who will be the winner.

 ‌Team Mr. Monkey showing their prototype to the panel of judges.

In last semester’s Enterprise Challenge, the day for the final had arrived and the tension among the participants was quite evident. Despite all of them being in agony before delivering their pitches, they all did a great job not only in pitching but also in answering the judges’ questions that followed afterwards. Despite the high standard of the pitches there were a couple that set themselves apart and those were delivered from team “Bermuda Square” who won prize for “Most Enterprising team” for their product named “Mr Monkey” and Kayleigh McKinnon who won the challenge with her social enterprise “Freedom Street Project” for “New Idea”.

The Enterprise Challenge is beneficial not only for winning cash prizes but for other reasons as well. Participants receive a participation certificate, and attendance of the workshops is an achievement in itself as employers value highly involvement with entrepreneurial activity. Moreover, the workshops opt to help participants develop skills related to budgeting, marketing, research, public speaking and teamwork which are transferable skills in all kinds of professional fields.

‌Winner of the Enterprise Challenge for the “New Idea” category, Kayleigh Mackinnon

Here are a few words from team Bermuda Triangle about their experience:

What were the challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?

We had to face the biggest challenges at the end of the workshops, when we actually had to come together and give shape to our idea. The challenges we faced were mainly logistic and since we were a group of four, each person had their own idea for certain details of our product. The best way we found to overcome these challenges was talking as a group and trying to work them out. 

What benefits do you feel like you’ve taken out of the experience?

Now we know how much hard work is necessary to develop a project, even if what we did was just a simulation we realised how expensive and time consuming it is.

And here’s what Kayleigh had to say regarding her experience:

What made you want to take part in the enterprise challenge?

The enthusiasm of the student team! There was a table outside the union on the day of the open night […] I spoke with the team and was encouraged to bring along my social enterprise idea that I had been forming (my brain seems wired to see business ideas in everything!). I was told there would be a three minute pitch at the end of the 8 weeks of class, which terrified me. This was a big reason for my joining – I know that to be able to make this idea into a reality I will have to overcome my fear of public speaking…. It was the perfect timing!

What are your plans for the future? How did the experience help you with that?

From the confidence gained through this experience, I entered the Scottish Institute of Enterprise’s Fresh Ideas Competition. Through this I have been invited to numerous upcoming networking and brainstorming event, with the possibility of being invited to Parliament in the coming year. The opportunities right now seem endless! Balancing all of these exciting things, working on my project whilst doing a full time nursing degree is going to be difficult….but once I am qualified I can divert my full attention to the project and begin reshaping Scotland’s future! 



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