Centre of Entrepreneurship & Elevator UK

 Centre of Entrepreneurship & Elevator UK

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Hope you’re all well especially at this time of the semester when deadlines and exams are just around the corner! Keep strong, not long until the Christmas holidays now!

This blog is about the Centre of Entrepreneurship and its partnership with Elevator UK, one of the leading entrepreneurial business development companies in Scotland. Through our partnership, the University of Dundee has become the first academic institution to have a bespoke accelerator program and centre on campus.


What is ElevatorUK:


Elevator UK is a social enterprise dedicated to the promotion of economic development through entrepreneurship annually supporting over 2500 businesses to start and scale each year. With its headquarters in Bridge of Alan in Aberdeen however there are 20 other locations spread across Scotland. The infrastructure and its facilities offer all the relative tools for start-up owners to begin their business as well as to maintain it throughout its early stages which are known to be the toughest in a business’s lifecycle. Such tools include free office space, access to expert advice as well as networking opportunities.




Accelerator is one of Elevator’s programs which supports ambitious entrepreneurs with aspirations for scale growth, leading to participants getting exposure to hand-on entrepreneurial activity. According to the latest figures released by Business Gateway Aberdeen City and the Shire, over the past year ElevatorUK has helped 1276 people with their business. Consequently, the number of new business start-ups in Grampian and Tayside has risen dramatically out-performing other regions in the rest of Scoltand.




Gary McEwan, who happens to be our host speaker for today’s Masterclass (which will take place in Dalhousie LT4 1-2pm), is ElevatorUK’s CEO as well as Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Dundee. Through his experience as an entrepreneur himself, he has been deeply involved in the promotion of entrepreneurship, especially among young people, as a credible career option.




As mentioned, Elevator offers services to thousands of business start-up owners that use its services and facilities daily. Here is what Jen Laughlin one of the founders that works with us had to say about her experience so far:  

 “I work in a shed and it can get a bit lonely on a day-to-day basis, so it’s good to be able to come to a place where I can talk to other people and get feedback on my business idea”. - Jen Lauglhin from “Jen Laughlin Designs”

Our partnership with ElevatorUK has been a truly beneficial experience especially taken by the fact that people come together at our Dundee o‌ffice turning it into a melting pot of individuals with completely different backgrounds. What has been evident is that there is no stereotype for a person to be interested in business and consequently in entrepreneurship as it can be a student, university staff or from the general public already with a career. 


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