The JOOT Theatre Company


The JOOT Theatre Company was established in 1992 as the Mediaeval Drama Group, changing name in 2003. Under the direction of Dr Jodi-Anne (Jo) George of the English programme, the company has undertaken many well-received performances and participates actively in a series of festivals funded by the International Society for Mediaeval Theatre. In 1998, they performed in Denmark, in 2001 they staged a play in The Netherlands, and in 2008 they performed in France.

We aim to stage at least one production annually and students are recruited from all years. Normally, about 10-12 students (and at least two University staff members) are involved in each show.

Latest news:

The JOOT Theatre Company productions include the following:

  • William Morris's The Tables Turned; or, Nupkins Awakened (performed March 2014)  Photos are available on the JOOT Theatre Dundee Facebook group.
  • Two plays and a dramatised reading on sin and morality: Oscar Wilde's A Florentine Tragedy and R. Browning's 'My Last Duchess' and 'A Woman Taken in Adultery' (March 2013).  Photos are available on the JOOT Theatre Dundee Facebook group.
  • John Pikeryng's Horestes, a political allegory about Mary Queen of Scots (March 2012).  Photos are available from the JOOT Theatre Dundee Facebook group.
  • Anthony Salvador's Hollow Earth (June 2011)
  • Oscar Wilde's Salome in a double bill with the mediaeval mystery play The Slaughter of the Innocents (March 2010)
  • Everyman (December 2008)* 
  • John Fletcher's The Tamer Tamed (2008)
  • Everyman (2006)
  • A revival of the Chester Noah’s Flood as part of the University of Dundee’s Culture and Arts Day (2005)
  • British Premier of Bahram Beyza’i’s The Marionettes (2004). A generous grant from the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland has been awarded to edit The Marionettes and publish it with photographs from our production. Publisher: Poetry Salzburg, Salzburg University Press.
  • The Wakefield Noah’s Flood, The Wakefield Herod the Great and John Bale’s The Temptation of our Lord (2003)
  • The Wakefield Second Shepherd’s Pageant (2002)
  • The Marriage of Wit and Wisdom (2001 – Scotland & Groningen, The Netherlands)*. The Groningen production received funding from the Groningen City Council.
  • Nice Wanton (2000)
  • The Fall of Angels, The Fall of Man & Mankind (1999)*
  • John Pikeryng’s Horestes (1997)*
  • Everyman (1996- Scotland; 1998- Odense, Denmark)*. The Odense production received funding from the Odense City Council and the University of Dundee.
  • The Wakefield Second Shepherd’s Pageant & The York Crucifixion (1995)
  • The Chester Noah’s Flood (1992)

[Please Note: Videos of productions marked with an * are available for sale. If you wish to place an order please contact Dr Jodi-Anne George]