Our teaching staff are dedicated to delivering a world class writing programme that is shaped around individual students' needs and plans. We are committed to helping you achieve the very best of your ability, inspiring and guiding you at every step. 

Because we created the programme ourselves, we are invested in making it everything we believe a writing programme should be - productive, highly creative, rigorously critical and exciting. 

As well as the teaching team listed below, we also have invited specialists who have included award-winning novelists Louise Welsh, Zoe StrachanChris Arthur, and Jennie Erdal, and former postgraduates, Lindsay MacGregorZoe Venditozzi, and Eddie Small.  We have also had master classes by James Robertson and Alan Warner.

Prof Kirsty Gunn

The Big Music by Kirsty Gunn - book coverAuthor of novels, short stories and essays, as well as a collection of fragments and meditations, Kirsty Gunn has won many international awards. The Big Music was a Guardian Book of the Year and winner of the New Zealand Book of the Year, and her collection of short stories, Infidelities, published by Faber and Faber in November 2014, was the winner of the Edge Hill Short Story Prize 2015 and was shortlisted for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award. Kirsty has previously taught Creative Writing at the University of Oxford and at a number of international writing seminars and schools. Her writing workshops are renowned for their creative energy and zest.

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Watch a podcast created by Gary Gowans with excerpts from The Big Music read by Brian Cox

Dr Gail Low

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Dr. Gail Low, Senior Lecturer in English, is the founder and general editor of DURA: Dundee Review of the Arts, an online arts review magazine. She teaches non-fiction writing, especially the personal and lyric essay, and thinks essays should also be as much about expressive form as content. She is the author of Publishing the Postcolonial: Anglophone West African and Caribbean Writing in the UK, 1950-1967 and White Skins Black Masks; with Kirsty Gunn she has co-edited The Voyage Out and with Marion Wynne-Davies, A Black British Canon. She has research interests in post-War and contemporary British cultural history and literature, and publishing history, and teaches modules in editing and publishing. Gail co-organised the Scottish Universities Insight Institute's seminars and workshops on Independent Publishing in 2011.

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Dr Aliki Varvogli

Dr. Aliki Varvogli works in the area of contemporary American fiction, and her current projects include studies of ‘credit crunch fiction’ and of the police procedural. She teaches modules in genre fiction, poetry and prose criticism. She has published books, articles and book chapters on various American authors, including Paul Auster, Philip Roth, Annie Proulx and Jonathan Safran Foer. Her research interests include contemporary American literature, postmodernism, crime fiction, literature and travel, and 9/11 fiction. Dr Varvogli's most recent publication is Travel and Dislocation in Contemporary American Fiction. She is also co-editor of the series, Approaches to Contemporary American Literature.

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Jim Stewart

The poet and scholar Dr. Jim Stewart, who died in 2016, was instrumental in establishing Writing Practice and Study with Kirsty Gunn back in 2009. His influence and teaching practice continues to live on in our unique WordCraft seminars, poetry activities and work on poetics that is embedded in our teaching across the programme.

Hear Jim Stewart reading 'Hive'