Small, bespoke and highly creative, our distinctive writing programme at the University of Dundee has been praised by writers and teachers from across Scotland and around the world.

"Dundee has become the university with the most outward looking and inspiring, creative and literary programme in Scotland. I applaud what this programme has achieved for students, staff and the wider literary culture."

Michael Schmidt - Managing and Editorial Director, Carcanet Press and PN Review.


What kind of programme do we offer?

Our courses are designed to help you explore and extend your own possibilities as a writer and to involve you in a varied and exciting array of literary activities – publishing events, readings, festivals, magazines and more.  Our students start creating projects from the moment they begin with us and go on to to jobs in publishing, teaching, books festivals, writer- in-residence positions – as well as publishing novels, short stories and poetry with a range of publishing houses and magazines.

No wonder our programme has been described as one of “the most exciting” by Richard Holloway (Writer, Broadcaster, Critic) and “properly creative and intellectual” by Christopher Reid (Poet and former Poetry Editor at Faber & Faber).

Whether you join us as an undergraduate or graduate student, which you can also do part-time or module-only, you will gain assurance and confidence in your own writing.  Find out more below – and or get an insight into what it is like to study here from our short film

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"The Dundee Creative Writing Programme is stellar, as it is both academically rigorous and vibrant with creativity. In celebrating the written word, individuality is always honoured above conformity, which is the only way an artist can find or develop a unique voice."

Jennifer Clement, Author, Director of PEN International, San Miguel Poetry Festival, Mexico and USA.


What will you be writing?

Because of our unique package of four-hour Writing Workshops, “Wordcraft” and “LiveWire” sessions and intensive one-on-one tutorials, you will quickly gain skills that help you identify and manage a whole range of creative projects.  Our students write novels, stories, poetry, monologues, as well as explore creativity in non-fiction, essays, journalism, reviewing and writing for the theatre.

In addition, you will be a member of a close-knit writing community that is supportive and exciting -  presenting and publishing your own work with authority and flair as well editing, curating and assisting in a range of literary and theatrical events.

The range of additional activities and opportunities for students on the MLitt at Dundee is fabulous.

"The MLitt at Dundee is incredibly exciting and creative. I wish more writing programmes were like this one."

Paula Morris, Director of Creative Writing, University of Auckland, New Zealand


How will you work?

Our intensive four hour workshops are like no other writing programme. In them, you are guaranteed to produce new work and will develop on-the-spot writing and editing skills and an ability to produce creative work across a range of topics and genres. At the same time, seminars, masterclasses and one-on-one tutorials will help you clarify your thinking about your writing and reading, sharpening your critical skills and understanding of what makes great writing…great.

You will be taking part in our vibrant and intensely imaginative literary life – encompassing the Writers Read series, our Literary Festival, activities with the Rep Theatre , as well visits, talks, and opportunities to meet publishers, review the work of others, and to publish and perform your own work.

"I love coming to participate at events at Dundee because the atmosphere is open, stimulating and inspiring." Meaghan Delahunt, Author, UK and Australia



Where will you go after graduation?

Our students emerge from our programme with a sharpened sense of literary and cultural life and with an impressive body of work that is ready to be taken into the world. They become festival managers, editors, published authors and poets, writing teachers and performers.

“The MLitt in Writing Practice and Study has been life-changing for me. My time at Dundee made me realise that it is possible to have a career as a professional writer, and I came away with the skills and self-belief to make that dream a reality. My debut novel, Beneath the Skin was published by Polygon in 2016, and I’ve just received a firm offer for my second one, The Bone Harp.” Sandra Ireland (Writing Practice and Study, 2014)

Find out more about the achievements of our students once they have graduated 


Who we are

Our teaching staff are dedicated to delivering a world class writing programme that is shaped around individual students’ needs and plans. We are committed to helping you achieve to the very best of your ability, inspiring and guiding you at every step.

Because we created the programme ourselves, we are invested in making it everything we believe a writing programme should be – productive, highly creative, rigorously critical and exciting.

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Find out more

These pages provide information on the opportunities to study Creative Writing at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, our staff, students and alumni plus Creative Writing news, events and publications at the University of Dundee.  You can also find out more about what it is like to study here by having a look at our student blog.

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